What do you embrace during your period – Danger or Defense?

It's a matter of fact that menstruation affects women’s brains and bodies in serious ways.​ ​It is normal for women to experience menstrual pain affecting legs, belly, back, and inner thighs due to muscle contraction in the uterus. The estrogen fluctuations all too often result in mood swings, irritation, anger, oversensitivity, and nervousness.​ ​Besides, the fluctuations in progesterone and estrogen in the brain may give rise to loss of appetite or extremely high appetite during the menstrual cycle. Menstrual migraine is commo

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Hygiene and Self-Care During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the world is trying to claw its way out of the Covid-19 crisis that has brought unprecedented challenges, for many of which we don’t have playbooks, quarantine and social distancing have become commonplace. To contain the spiraling coronavirus outbreak, governments across the world are imposing lockdown measures. Though critical to help flatten the curve, social isolation carries a number of health risks and can have negative consequences on both physical and mental well-being. ​In distressing times like this improving our immunity

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How to Relieve Stress & Maintain Good Health While Staying at Home

Covid-19 is having an immediate and alarming impact on our well-being. The health crisis is sending our stress level through the roof. Chronic stress has deleterious effects including, notably, suppression of the immune response. The immune system is crucial for preventing or fighting infections. As people are barred from stepping outside their homes unless essential and the usual avenues to wellness are off-limits, it is important, more than ever before, to adequately nourish our body, mind, and spirit. ​What better way to nourish your

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Sex up your intimate moments with happy V

Our vibrancy and exuberance add a very strong dimension to our sex appeal and appetite. We are most alive when we connect with creativity, vitality, and playfulness. We cannot immerse ourselves at the moment when we are anxious or fearful. In the well-founded opinion of a contemporary psychotherapist, the poetics of sexuality are more important than the mechanics. Quite undisputedly, a sense of wonder is crucial to experiencing excitement and pleasure of any and all kinds. Rightly, curiosity and play are key aspects of ‘erotic happiness

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