10 Reasons Your Skin Is Not Improving Despite A Skincare Routine

Sometimes, despite a consistent skincare routine, our skin still seems to remain the same. It might feel like all the effort you've been putting each night in applying your skincare, step-by-step, is going in vain and there's just no point to any of it. You might be wondering, "why do I still have acne?" It can be incredibly frustrating to see that all the money you've spent on products is doing more harm than good. But, we're here to tell you that this is a clear sign of the fact that your current skincare routine is definitely not working

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16 Extremely Useful Tips For Keeping Your Vagina Clean & Infection Free

With a flood of information around intimate hygiene on the internet, it can be really confusing to navigate through and decide on the practices you should keep and the practices you should ditch. First of you should know, that the vagina has a self-cleaning system in place. It cleans itself whenever it deems fit. However, a little assistance from our side can really contribute to our vaginal health. Moreover, if we're careless towards our intimate hygiene, then we might have to deal with the consequences too. So, here are tips that are abso

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Here’s How Much Of Each Skincare Product You Should Use For Flawless Skin

If you're passionate about skincare, you're probably always looking for products that could elevate your skincare regime. You're also perhaps mindful about what product goes on to your face and make sure to change your bedsheets at least once a week. However, what about the quantity of the skincare products that you lather on your face? We bet you've not looked that up yet. The quantity of any product that goes on to your face matters a great deal. So here's your comprehensive guide to how much of what product is enough for your face wit

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9 Biggest Misconceptions About Your Vagina That You Need To Stop Believing In Today

In our twenties and thirties, we focus on beauty and grooming like never before. We start to establish skincare and self-care routines that not only help maintain our physical appearance but also are relaxing to follow. However, while being immersed in such routines, we tend to neglect our intimate hygiene often. Vaginal care is just as important as care for the rest of our body. However, we've often been fed lies about our vaginas that can interfere with its care. So here are a few of the biggest misconceptions we've been told about our va

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