Why should you use Organic Pads?

There is a better way of staying clean and comfortable during that time of the month. There are significant personal and environmental benefits of using organic cotton sanitary pads.  Safety Organic cotton pads for periods save you from exposure to harmful chemicals present in regular sanitary products like dioxins, compounds associated with a higher cancer risk, hormone issues, weakened immune system, developmental problems and reproductive issues such as endometriosis, painful periods and even infertility.    No

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Vulvar Cleaning & Vaginal Care

To anatomize, the vagina is the inner canal inside your body; vulva refers to the outer parts around the vagina, including inner and outer labia (vaginal lips) and the tip of the clitoris. ​When you look for the best intimate hygiene, it is always the best to switch to ​vaginal sprays​. A complex colony of good bacteria helps maintain the ideal pH balance in your vagina and keep your vagina healthy. Vaginal douching, ​intravaginal cleansing with a liquid solution​, does more harm than good. ​There is no scientific evide

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Mind-boggling Facts about Bloodied Time of the Month

These period facts will make you well aware while walking down the feminine hygiene aisle. Sounding Different (Menstrual Cycle & Laryngeal Changes) Female reproductive hormones affect your vocal cords, altering your voice. According to vocalization researchers, women sound ‘less attractive’ when on their period. Bearing a Whiff of Distinction (Menstrual Cycle & Musk Matters) Your body odor attractiveness peaks around the time an egg is released. Men are more aroused by the musk of women when they’

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Debunking the Menstruation Myths and Misinformation

Ignorance provides the perfect breeding ground for myths and misconceptions. As you would expect, misbeliefs and healthfulness are incongruent. Yet there are many period myths that have been passed down from generation to generation, propagating various false beliefs. Sad to say, the utter bunk and misinformation about menstruation are thick on the ground. Dispelling them is a significant part of a larger conversation, the key to dismantle the associated stigma and make the world a safer place to bleed. Knowing fact from fiction is, at th

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