Signs of Dehydrated Skin

Skin which is the largest organ of the human body often faces the brunt of all our actions. The first thing that anyone sees is our outer appearance which thereby reflects the importance of having flawless natural and beautiful skin.  Despite drinking lots of water, and ensuring that you eat right, do you always feel that your skin is dry, patchy, and itchy? Reasons for dehydrated skin can be plenty, starting from pollution to not eating the right food. But, how do you actually tell whether you are experiencing skin dehydration? One of

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Hygiene Habits for the woman on the GO!

Women of the 21st century are always on the move, and hey there is nothing wrong with that too! The women of today are fabulously outgoing and be it for work or for holidays, they love being on the go. There are no more qualms and beliefs that only men have the right to go out and explore. However, no matter how progressive we get, there are certain things that we need to take care of.  No matter what the mode of travel may be, as women, we need to take a few additional steps to ensure our personal hygiene and safety. Now, don’t start

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Benefits of Exercising During Periods

For most women, those five days of periods mean hitting the pause button to their regular life. With fitness and health becoming a priority for most, exercising is something that has become an integral part of routines. But, if you are someone who feels that exercise needs to be put on hold, then let us tell you that there are more pros than cons for it. Another important thing to keep in mind is that with the availability of organic cotton sanitary pads with honeycomb structure you can now exercise to your heart’s content without the fea

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Alkaline Water- The New Age Boon

There was a time when coming across those people who called themselves fitness enthusiasts was very rare. Turn the tables to the year 2020, and everyone is worried about health and safety. Now, the road to health and fitness is such that can’t be planned and walked overnight. It takes time to get your body used to a certain level of discipline and exercise.  In recent times, one such miracle and boon that has landed in our hands is Alkaline water. Before we understand the benefits of alkaline water, let us understand what alkaline wat

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