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Care & Comfort, through thick and thin.

Our premium-quality sanitary pads are made of GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton sourced from Texas. The perfectly ​soft​ and exceptionally-absorbing ​pads for periods​ are thoughtfully designed to support you during your period days and nights, for all kinds of flow: heavy, medium, or low.

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Organic Cotton
Double Airlaid
Biodegradable Sanitary
Pad Disposal Bag
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Inspired by Greatness. To Inspire the Greats. To Embrace and Further Real & Intimate Greatness.

A unique Japanese Formulation to keep your intimate area clean & infection-free, free of foul odor. Our 100% alcohol-free feminine hygiene spray kills 99.9999% germs; provides an assured relief from itching, rashes & irritation; and keeps your vagina pH balanced.

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Active Ingredient:
Zinc Gluconate
No Trace
of Alcohol
to Use
Protection against
Bacterial & Yeast Infections
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Clean Beauty Supplement & Health Support.

A Highly concentrated, ionized, 100% bioavailable solution that is designed to be your one-stop solution for enhancing the beauty of your glowing skin. A time stopper that freezes the aging process by acting as a ​natural skin collagen booster​ ​that is easily available ​online​. In the search of radiant skin, long wavy hair, let your solution be the Hi Life silica drops.

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Highly Concentrated,
Ionized Solution
Advanced Collagen
Optimal Nutrient
Strong Joints and

Founders Speak

We envision a life reflective of extraordinary beauty, exceptional comfort, enduring confidence, and exemplary luxury for every woman. We recognise the gaping gaps in Feminine Hygiene Products and Well-being Essentials. The existing narratives and challenges faced by women underpin our pursuit of providing best possible solutions that exceed all expectations.

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Several independent studies by women’s health organizations have found chemicals of concern and potentially hazardous ingredients like dioxins, pesticide residues, unknown fragrance chemicals and dyes in feminine hygiene products.

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